1. Stock
Q 1. What are the normal availability of stocks at Threads stores and during school sales ?
We ensure that all sizes in our range are available through the year on our retail shelves. However during peak seasons               ( March – April ) and ( August – September ) while stocks on shelf are monitored every day, temporary stock out positions may occur, if a few sizes are more in demand than others. These sizes will normally be replenished daily to keep up with the large inflow of parents. In a few cases where we may completely run out of a particular size, we are able to replenish stocks within 7 days. Items out of stock will be clearly mentioned on the notice boards of all our stores including dates, when they will arrive at the store. The same information can also be obtained by calling our CX agents on 800 THREADS.
Q 1. How do our prices compare with other schools uniforms ?
All our prices are approved by the school based on fabric chosen and the intricacy of the garment. We are an ISO 9001 -2008 company and take great pride in confirming that all our products conform to international standards. This means they will withstand a lot more wear and tear in comparison to some of the other suppliers in the country. Simply put, we strive to ensure that all our products are good value for money.
Q 2. How do MTM prices compare to off the shelf purchases ?
Made to measure uniforms (MTM’s) will always be more expensive than ready-made uniforms, since there are extra costs involved on account of the fabric consumption and local workmanship. Customisation requires that, since the sizes don’t follow standard specs.
Q 1. What are the contact numbers for Threads ?
Our CX agents can be reached on 800 Threads, 9 am – 6 pm (Sunday through to Thursday) During peak seasons (March – April) and (August – September) calls would also be answered on Saturdays as well. It may be advisable to call the toll free line (800-Threads) during peak seasons, since all shop retail lines are diverted.
Q 2. Why are phones at the Retail Outlets not answered promptly during peak seasons ?
Our retail staff are mandated to answer phones within 5 rings. However during peak seasons, (March –April) and (August – September) the multitudes of parents who descend on our stores, results in us having to utilise all hands on board to service their orders. During these periods it would be advisable to call our CX agents on 800 THREADS, who will be able to answer all queries with regards to the sale of uniforms.
Q 3. What are regular turn-around time for made to measure (MTM) orders ?
With the exception of March- April and August-September MTM orders will be processed within 14 working days. However during the peak seasons, orders will be processed within 15-21 days on account of the heavy rush.
Q 1. Can items be exchanged after 14 days of purchase ?
Products can be exchanged within 14 days from the date of purchase if unused and returned in its original packing, along with its proof of purchase. In some special situations, exchanges not conforming to Threads exchange policies may be processed after receiving approvals from managements. All exceptions will be handled on a case to case basis and the decision of Threads management will be final.
Q 2. Can retail outlets exchange products purchased from the school? What if original invoices are no longer available and the outlets aren’t able to retrieve the invoices?
All products can be exchanged at the retail store if returned in its original packing. Approvals will be given by the respective stores in charge.
Q 3. Can retail outlets process refunds ?
Refunds can only be processed after approvals are taken from Threads H.O. Under most situations a credit voucher will be offered with a validity of 6 months.
Q 4. Can refunds be processed on products, if students are no longer enrolled in the school ?
Yes refunds can be processed, if all items are unused and returned in a packed condition.
Q 1. How are the uniform fabrics chosen ?
Uniform fabrics are chosen by the school authorities, from amongst the many different samples of fabric shown to them during the sampling stage. In addition to being child friendly, garments and products are also required to be durable and color fast.
Q 2. Can products be replaced on account of quality concerns ?
According to our replacement policy, exchanges or returns on account of quality concerns will be processed only after they are approved by the store in charge, in consultation with the Quality department. Normal turnaround times (TAT) would be 2 working days. However fitting issues will not be considered as quality issues.
Q 3. How are uniform sizes arrived at ?
Uniform sizes are derived by conducting sizing exercises in schools where standard sizes are compared to the actual sizes of randomly chosen children. These specs then form the basis of the size range for each respective schools. Following this exercise a sample range of uniforms are manufactured and sent to the school for wearer trials. They are checked for size and fit after which the entire range is put into production. At Threads we continue to monitor sizes during sales and made to measure ( MTM) requests, to ensure that we are always up to date on sizes.
6. I.T.
Q 1. Where are the price lists published on line ?
Price lists are available on the website, once customers register and click on the quantity of item required.
Q 2. How user friendly is the website ?
Shortcuts have been created for every query/ concern in the ordering process making it a seamless experience for every visitor on the site.
Q 3. Can online orders be cancelled once placed? Can the stores refund in this case?
If an online orders is despatched but not delivered, courier charges would be applicable. However the rest of the order can be cancelled and the money refunded. If the order was not despatched the same can be cancelled and the money refunded. Stores are not able to offer refunds for on-line transactions.

For Order cancellation and refund, please send an email to the Customer service team at 800-THREADS. A response will be sent out with 24 hours.
Q 4. What are turnaround times (TAT) for online orders ?
Online orders will be processed with 8-10 working days.
Q 5. What are the applicable courier charges for online orders ?
Courier charges are AED 25 per online order.
Q 6. How long do on-line refunds take to be processed ?
Refunds will be processed back to the card that was used within 45-60 days.
Q 7. Can online orders be changed once they are placed and paid for?
All orders placed online can be changed prior to them being despatched. Please call our CX agents on 800-Threads quoting your reference number and they will make the necessary changes. However an increase in price will require the difference to be paid prior to despatch.